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What is Hapkido?


Hapkido is a martial art founded in Korea.  Although relatively modern, Hapkido is derived from much older systems of martial art.

Grand Master Choi studied Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu in Japan and returned to Korea after World War 2 to teach in his homeland. It was there that the Aikijutusu he learned under Grand Master Sokaku Takeda was gradually integrated with traditional Korean martial arts such as Taekkyon and Subak, fighting styles based on the techniques of the Hwarang, Korea's warrior elite.

Several people were highly influential in the development of the integrated style which became known as Hapkido.

Hapkido utilizes strikes, locks, take-downs, pins and throws to create a dynamic and comprehensive martial art.  The variety of skills taught in Hapkido make it a most effective style for self defence applications.  The ability of the Hapkido practitioner to use different skills allows them to deal with a broad range of situations in a manner most suited to the situation. It is never necessary for the skilled Hapkido practitioner to over react to any situation.

Although not an aggressive martial art, Hapkido is focused on practical self defence and emphasizes circular movement and blending with an attacker's energy to take advantage of their weakness, giving the Hapkido practitioner the advantage in a physical confrontation.

Using biomechanics to our advantage and selecting appropriate targets for strikes and techniques it becomes possible to handle larger aggressive people with a minimum of force.

Although many similarities can be found between Hapkido and other styles of martial arts, Hapkido is a distinctive and unique style.

Perhaps the greatest advantage gained from training in Hapkido is the mental and emotional self confidence and freedom from fear which allows the student to respond to aggression with calm reassurance thus potentially avoiding the need to escalate to physical skills.

The ability to deal with conflict without resorting to the physical is the greatest victory.

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