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What is Hapkido?


Hapkido is a complete martial art encompassing a wide range of skills and techniques.  Training in Hapkido gives options for dealing with a situation which has turned physical.  Depending on the circumstance the Hapkido practitioner can choose to strike, lock, throw and or pin. 


Hapkido uses strikes with the hands, elbows, knees and feet.  The striking techniques of Hapkido are powerful, designed for use in protecting the student or their loved ones from attackers.  Although effective, causing physical damage to another person is considered a last resort when all other options are exhausted or unavailable.

Locking and Controlling

The locking and controlling techniques of Hapkido are designed to be effective for locking up an attacker and maintaining control of them in either standing or ground positions.  By using the momentum of an incoming attack and redirecting it we use the attacker's force against them, the harder they attack the easier the technique works.

The use of locks and control holds allows the Hapkido practitioner to limit the amount of damage inflicted while maintaining personal safety.

By using effective locking techniques other options can also be utilised.  For instance strikes can be used during the application of a technique, and all techniques allow transition to pinning or throwing options.

Throwing and Pinning

Having used the momentum of an attack to control an attacker's body, the Hapkido practitioner can choose to transition to a throwing technique or a pinning technique. 

Of course an opponent can be pinned easily after being thrown, but depending on circumstances the choice may be made to limit the damage inflicted on an attacker by using a pin rather than a throw.


Breakfalls are taught so that techniques and throws may be practised without undue risk of injury.

The same breakfalling skills taught to prevent injury in the training hall also directly translate to the rest of the world,  anywhere you may fall a breakfall may help prevent injury.


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