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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for training?

We train children from age 5 but recommend that they have at least started at primary school. Younger than this it is very difficult for children to learn the skills of a martial art.

There is no upper limit to age for beginning training. We have had people in their 60's start training.

Do I need to be fit to begin?

No. Physical fitness and athletic skill are a bonus when beginning training but are absolutely not essential. The skills of Hapkido are quite unique and very different from other physical activities. 

How often do I need to train?

As often as you wish.  The training is for you.  If you can train 2 or 3 times a week this is good.  If you can only train once a week your progress will be slower, but it is still beneficial.

Will I get yelled at?


Are there any tournaments or competitions?

No. What we train is practical and realistic self defence which is not very suitable for tournaments.

How long will it take to earn a Black Belt?

At least 4 years. We don't give belts, students earn them, it takes time and there is a lot to learn.  The Journey is individual.

I've trained in other styles of martial arts, will this be recognised?

We respect all other martial arts training.  While you may start with a white belt (depending on previous style) we acknowledge that you have more skill than a complete beginner, as such you would be training at a level which would still challenge you with your existing skills, for example experienced kickers will train kicking at a more advanced level.

Are there similarities with other styles?

Yes.  Experience in other martial arts is directly transferrable but Hapkido is a unique martial art so there will still be plenty to learn.

How do classes run?

A standard class begins with bowing in and a brief warm up to prepare for training.

Breakfalls then a combination of skills training.  Specific skills and drills vary from session to session.

Do children learn the same skills as adults?

Children are taught a subset of the full adult curriculum. This is largely for safety reasons as children are more vulnerable to injury from techniques.

What happens when a child moves into the adult's class?

Children moving into the adult's class hold their belt level.  They are re-graded as adults.  The time taken for them to grade as an adult to the same level will depend on the belt level of the child and how quickly they learn the additional skills.

How big are the classes?

It varies but typically anywhere from 8-15 students.

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